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For all other sites you'll wait in the normal lines and get your reduced tickets with the pass. The colosseum and the Vatican museums are the only two sites in Rome that have long ticket lines. If the colosseum is one of the free sites you'll bypass the ticket lines and go to the special events counter to get your free entry ticket Roma Pass holders, through the security checks must go to the access gate of the Colosseum, presenting their Roma Pass, otherwise it's not possible to enter even if they have an time booking. Afterwards, Roma Pass holders will enter the Colosseum through a dedicated gate controlled by Coopculture's staff

Do you still need a reservation to the Colosseum if you have a Roma Pass? Yes. This is a new rule, as of March 2019. Even holders of the Roma Pass (or any other type of Rome City Pass) have to reserve a date and time at the Colosseum. You can no longer just show up without a timed entry ticket Roma Pass 72 Hours, which is sponsored by Rome City Council and the Ministry for the Arts and Cultural Activities, in collaboration with ATAC, the public transport company, is the capital's special tourist-cultural card that allows tourists to access a variety of discounts and services that make it easier and cheaper to enjoy the beauty of Rome If the romapass isn't going to save you money there is no sense in buying it. You can easily buy transport tickets as you need them or buy a three day pass if you prefer. You can buy entry tickets to the colosseum online in order to bypass the long lines. The colosseum is the only site covered by the pass that will have long lines

The Roma Pass site currently says: For Roma Pass holders, the mandatory reservation required for the Colosseum -Flavian Amphitheatre will take effect from 1st March 2019. In the meantime, Roma Pass holders can continue to access with open ticket (without reservation) through the gate reserved to groups and with guide *The Roma Pass allows you free entry to two of the most popular attractions including the Colosseum, Palatine Hill & Roman Forum, National Museum of Castel St. Angelo, Capitoline Museums and Museum of Rome. Please note that security checks are in place for entry to the Colosseum. see the: full list of attractions included. A Must Have Roma Pass 48 hours - this is the most budget friendly option, but keep in mind it does not include tickets to the Colosseum. Roma Pass - a basic pass that includes a skip the line ticket to the Colosseum but not to the Vatican Museums and St. Peter's Basilica. Rome is a fantastic city to walk around. The best Roma Pass if you prefer walking I understand that the ticket lines lines at the Colosseum can be staggering and many advise to get your tickets at Palatine Hill where lines are shorter and you can then bypass the long line for tickets at the Colosseum. My question is; if you have a Roma pass, is it still necessary to get tickets at Palatine Hill or can you go directly to the turnstile at the Colosseum with the Roma Pass The Roma Pass, which is valid for 3 days, costs €52 (see current prices here) and gives you only a standard ticket to the Colosseum plus free access to 2 museums or archaeological sites and discount to others. It doesn't include the Vatican, but it does include free public transport

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Museo di Roma; For the whole list of attractions, check out the official website of Roma Pass. Roma Pass; Is it worthwhile? The Rome Pass is worthwhile if you are over 25 and under 65. The entrance tickets to the Colosseum and to the Capitoline Museums alone are worth the price of the card 72 hours Roma Pass: direct entrance to 2 museums of your option, unlimited travel with all public transport (excl. trains) for 3 days (counted from when you first utilized your card). 48 hours Roma Pass: direct entrance to one museum, limitless travel with all public transportation (excl. trains) for 48 hours (counted from when you initially utilized your card) The Roman Colosseum is one of the most famous buildings ever built. It has stood at the center of Rome for nearly 2000 years, from the days in which the Empire dominated ancient Europe and all the way up to today. If you're visiting Rome, you can't afford to miss this ancient and spectacular monument

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Colosseum and Castel Sant'Angelo feature exclusive lines for pass holders, so you will get in very quickly. Roma City Pass is the best choice for active visitors because it can save you a lot of money. A tourist who visits five sites with the 48h Roma Pass will save about €30 Kathy, there really aren't any reservations for general admission at the Colosseum/Palatine/Forum. It's possible to pre-purchase tickets - which you don't need with the Roma Pass - which are good for 2 consecutive days any time within this calendar year but otherwise, reserved times are only needed only for guided tours

Save over 4 hours in a line to access St. Peter's Basilica with the multilingual audio guide App, the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel, and the Colosseum* * Access with Roma Pass - mandatory reservation on Coopculture website Colosseum: Colosseum with Roma Pass. - See 146,482 traveller reviews, 91,131 candid photos, and great deals for Rome, Italy, at Tripadvisor Roma Pass, sponsored by Rome's City Council and the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, and Tourism, in collaboration with ATAC, the public transport company, is the city's tourist pass that offers visitors a variety of discounts and services to enjoy the beauty of Rome. Two different options depending on the length of your stay: • Roma Pass 72 hours (from the first validation.

The Colosseum is the symbol of Rome itself! When walking inside this enormous amphitheatre you will have the feeling of being immersed in history and of experiencing first-hand the lives of the Roman citizens of the time. Discover ancient Rome with behind-the-scenes access once granted only to emperors. It will be like watching ancient Rome rise from the ruins Roman Colosseum Tickets . Notoriously, it was the most famous attraction in ancient times, and today, the Roman Colosseum is the top sightseeing spot in Rome. The ticket line at the Roman Colosseum can be very long. To avoid the wait, you can buy a Roma Pass, Archeologia card or join a tour group of the Colosseum Select the Rome City Pass for the desired number of days with or without airport transfer and public transport and the persons. In the next booking step you can deselect the Colosseum and the Vatican if you do not wish to visit them or if availability is no longer displayed for your visiting day. Your price will then be reduced More than 4.2 million tourists visit the amazing Colosseum every year. It's the 39th most popular tourist destination in the world. With the Roma City Pass you get skip the line access to the Colosseum. Free St. Peter's Basilica. St. Peter's Basilica is one of the most amazing sights within the Vatican

Behind the Colosseum is the Forum which features additional Roman ruins. I did not have to wait in line, or pay an admission fee, due to having a 72 hour Roma Pass. The 72 hour Roma Pass allows free admission to two historical sites, unlimited metro access, as well as discounted admission to any additional locations Colosseum hours post-COVID-19 are 10:30 AM to 07:15 PM (final entry at 06:15 PM). Q. Can I get skip-the-line tickets for the Colosseum? A. Yes, you can purchase Colosseum skip-the-line tickets. These allow you to bypass the long lines and enter the Colosseum with priority access. Q. What does a Colosseum ticket include? A

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The Roma Pass includes the access to the Colosseum, Palatine Hill and Forum, but you will need to reserve the time of the entrance into the Colosseum. Book your Roma Pass; What are the Colosseum opening hours? You can visit the Colosseum any day - except for festivities (Jan 1st, May 1st and Dec 25th) Answer 1 of 2: Hi All, Thinking of visiting colosseum on 5th April, 3 adults and 3 children, children age: 10,10 and 7, I'm thinking of getting Roma pass for adults but it says on their website that, from March 2019 I need a reservation even with Roma pass.. The Colosseum, also known as Amphitheatreatrum Flavium (Flavian Amphitheatre), was the epicentre of many public spectacles in ancient Rome, and was the largest amphitheatre in the world. It was used for gladiatorial contests and public spectacles and was the epicentre for the city's entertainment, hosting all kinds of games such as gladiator battles and exotic animal fights The Roma Pass is valid for the National Museums and for the Museums of the Municipality of Rome. The Omnia Card is also valid for the Vatican Museums. To the list of National Museums and Museums of the Municipality of Rome> The Roma Pass for children and adolescents. The Roma Pass has no reduction for children and teenagers. Admission to the state museums, including the Colosseum, is free until the age of 18

The Roma City Pass is a new travel concept aimed at visitors who want to enjoy their stay in Rome to the fullest without having to worry about tickets and transport. Unlike other city cards, the Roma City Pass only includes tickets for Rome's must-see tours and attractions, including the Roman Colosseum, St. Peter's Basilica and the Vatican. Answer 1 of 6: Sorry if this has been answered before, but I couldn't figure out how to word it to find an answer. I am planning on using the Roma Pass on a Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Since most things are closed on Monday, I will include the Colosseum that.. The Colosseum is one of many sites and museums in Rome included on the Roma Pass scheme. With the Roma Pass, the first two sites you visit are free, the third and subsequent sites/museums are discounted. So if the Colosseum is the most expensive attraction on your list - use your Roma Pass there first

Remember that with the Roma Pass you do still need to reserve your Colosseum timeslot in advance on the official website, and pay the €2 reservation fee. You should also be aware that whilst the Roma Pass does include entry to the Colosseum, this entry is not guaranteed just because you have the pass

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  1. Services included: • with RomaPass 72H: free entry to the first 2 museums and/or archaeological sites of your choice; with Roma Pass 48H: free entry to the first museums and/or archaeological sites of your choice. Free admission is valid also for any exhibition held in the museum
  2. Kolosseum: auf jeden Fall mit dem Roma Pass - Auf Tripadvisor finden Sie 146.218 Bewertungen von Reisenden, 90.814 authentische Reisefotos und Top Angebote für Rom, Italien
  3. Is the Colosseum one of this? Yes and No. As of 2019, Colosseum only allows visitors holding tickets for a specific date/time. This is a real big change! Therefore Roma pass holders can either stay in line with people without reservation (to enter you will need to wait the first available slot, which might take more than a hour)

The Colosseum, Roman Forum & Palatine (Entrance reserved for Roma Pass holders) RESERVATIONS REQUIRED by following one of the three modes: On-line, required booking fee 2€ (with credit card) click here ; Call center at 0639967575 - required booking fee 2€ (with credit card ROMA PASS Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill are part of the Roma Pass network. The reservation is mandatory. If the visitor arrives at the entrance without the Roma Pass ticket, it will not be possible to access the monument, even if the visitor has the reservation There's an additional perk to visiting the Colosseum as one of your first two attractions on your Roma Pass, too. Because the Colosseum is on what's called a combined ticket with the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill, your free entry to the Colosseum also gets you free entry into those two sites - whether you've already used your other free entry or not The Colosseum is a massive ancient amphitheater in the center of Rome. Picked apart by scavengers and ravaged by earthquakes and time, the Colosseum still stands as an impressive symbol of life in Ancient Rome. It showcases the power of past emperors and the durability of the Eternal City

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Answer 1 of 9: Hi, I realise this might be a bit late in the day but, me and my partner are off to rome on Monday for the first time and although I have already got loads of great tips and advice for our trip, I do have one question. I have seen that their is.. Ticket prices: full ticket 16.00 € + presale fee 2.00 €; free ticket 0.00 € + presale fee 2.00 €; audio guide 5.50 €/ Video guide 6.00 € It is possible to visit the Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum first (by changing the voucher at the Roman Forum) or after the visit to the Colosseum If you are in the process of purchasing the Roma Pass or other type of Rome City Pass, and you do not decide to choose the Colosseum as one of the sites you want to visit free with the pass, but decide at a later date to include it, you will need to reserve a date and time for the Colosseum. You can do this by going onto the CoopCulture website. For first-time visitors to Rome, a tour of the Colosseum is a must, but you could easily spend over an hour queuing to get inside. Instead, enjoy skip-the-line entrance and a guided tour, then use your 48- or 72-hour Roma Pass to explore sights such as Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum, including unlimited use of public transport

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  1. A Róma Pass érvényes a tömegközlekedési eszközökön, múzeumokban és látnivalóknál Rómában. 48 vagy 72 órás érvényességgel - ingyenes múzeummal. Colosseum időpont foglalás ha Roma Pass kártyája van 2019. március 1-től a Róma Passal rendelkezőknek is időpontot kell foglalniuk a Colosseumba
  2. Colosseum: visiting coloseum with roma pass - See 146,399 traveler reviews, 90,976 candid photos, and great deals for Rome, Italy, at Tripadvisor
  3. Colosseum: Roma pass(ed barely) - See 146,653 traveler reviews, 91,223 candid photos, and great deals for Rome, Italy, at Tripadvisor
  4. Reviews of the Roma Pass. Reviewers who didn't care to see the Vatican Museums loved this less-expensive option. The Roma Pass gives you fast track tickets to the Colosseum, which reviewers found extremely helpful during peak travel seasons. If you're not interested in using a hop-on-hop-off bus, this is definitely the pass for you
  5. Answer 31 of 44: I am thinking of getting a Roma Pass when in Rome and making phone reservations soon for the Colosseum. We are meeting up with my daughter who is studying abroad and will be doing that tour with us. Would she be able to go through the same line as..
  6. from €35.00 EUR Duration: 1.5 Hours Seller: Tiqets BOOK NOW. It is impossible to resist this chance if you are a fan of opera. The attracting melody of the strings and astonishing voice of the opera singers will fly over Rome and with this Opera Pass, you can listen to the opera of your choice
  7. All reviews guided tour skip the line roma pass buy your tickets ticket office bucket list long line palatine hill awe inspiring visit rome ancient rome history arena structure euros audio romans imagination thousands ruins. Colosseum can be crowded, so we recommend booking e-tickets ahead of time to secure your spot. If you book with.

Europe - Using Roma Pass for re-entry into Colosseum? - We have a private tour scheduled for the Colosseum/Forum/Palatine Hill at 10am on May 4. We will be using our Roma Passes to enter theses. The Colosseum (pre-booking required) Roman Forum; Other Roma Pass historical sites Since you've already pre-bought the card, it also saves you the hassle of carrying around enough cash for last minute entry fees, too. With the OMNIA Rome and Vatican Pass, it's all pre-paid for to save you the stress! up next: Roma Pass. Outstanding Answer 1 of 4: Hey there, First of all, I apologise if this was asked before, but I did look around the forums and couldn't quite get a good idea. We will be visiting Rome using the Pass.We will be visiting 2 attractions using the Pass first on the same..

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The Roma Pass affords you Fast Track Entry to the Colosseum (advanced booking now required) and the Roman Forum/Palatine Hill. With the OMNIA Vatican and Rome Card, you'll also gain Fast Track Entry to the Vatican Museums/Sistine Chapel, St. Peter's Basilica , and St. John in the Lateran and Cloisters church If you do not have the Roma Pass, you have to buy tour tickets and entry tickets separately. Entry tickets is valid for at Colosseum as well as at the forum and palatine hill. The Inside Colosseum tours are excellent and strongly recommended. Destination experts of this forum have opined that neither Roma Pass nor Omnia Card is worth it. So you. Roma Pass is the capital's special tourist-cultural card that enables tourists and interested local residents, the opportunity to benefit from various discounts and services that make it easier and cheaper to enjoy the splendours of Rome Answer 1 of 12: I understand that the ticket lines lines at the Colosseum can be staggering and many advise to get your tickets at Palatine Hill where lines are shorter and you can then bypass the long line for tickets at the Colosseum. My question is; if you have..

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Buy a discount card such as the Roma Pass, Omnia Card, or the new, downloadable Rome Tourist Pass. All of these solutions allow you to walk past the lines. Note however that the Roma Pass and Omnia Card now require you to book a Colosseum visit time-slot too for €2. This must be done on the standard ticket page of the official website. The Roma Pass network includes over 45 monuments, museums, and archaeological sites, including the Colosseum, Capitoline Museums, Ara Pacis, Trajan's Market, MACRO, the National Roman Museums, the Caracalla Baths, Borghese Gallery, Circo Massimo, Forum Pass Super, and Castel Sant'Angelo Not only that, but the Colosseum and Castel Sant'Angelo feature special lines for pass holders so you'll get in quicker too. For the active visitor, the pass can save you a lot of money. On the 48 Hour ticket, a tourist who visits five sites will save about €30, and an eager beaver on the 72 Hour ticket who visits ten sites will save an. The Colosseum (KOL-ə-SEE-əm), also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre (Latin: Amphitheatrum Flavium; Italian: Anfiteatro Flavio [aɱfiteˈaːtro ˈflaːvjo] or Colosseo [kolosˈsɛːo]), is an oval amphitheatre in the centre of the city of Rome, Italy.Built of travertine limestone, tuff (volcanic rock), and brick-faced concrete, it was the largest amphitheatre ever built at the time and held. Colosseum: Colosseum only with ROMA PASS - See 146,345 traveler reviews, 90,933 candid photos, and great deals for Rome, Italy, at Tripadvisor

Answer 1 of 44: I am thinking of getting a Roma Pass when in Rome and making phone reservations soon for the Colosseum. We are meeting up with my daughter who is studying abroad and will be doing that tour with us. Would she be able to go through the same line as.. Colosseum er et gigantisk amfiteater som står midt i Roma. Den er 524 meter i omkrets og 48 meter høy. Den er 524 meter i omkrets og 48 meter høy. Her brukte Romas befolkning en gang i tiden å samle seg for å se gladiatorspill, dyrefektninger, henrettelser og teater Colosseum: Kupte si Roma Pass - Na webu Tripadvisor naleznete 146 653 recenzí zákazníků, 91 197 fotografii a výhodné nabídky pro Řím, Itálie Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, tours, attractions, and venues in this location may be temporarily closed. Check out our travel update page for the latest information. Learn more. Spend 2 days in Rome at the Vatican and Colosseum with this priority pass. Avoid the crowds and skip the lines with an. Colosseum tickets are available only on the internet and it is mandatory to have a reservation. There are no ticket counters on site but only online tickets. Also with the Roma Pass and the Omnia Card you need an online reservation

Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill are part of the Roma Pass network. Roma Pass does not allow: - access to the Palatine Museum and to the other sites included in the SUPER ticket - access to the Colosseum Arena, Underground and Belvedere.Roma Pass holders access from a dedicated entrance always accompanied by an authorized tour guide If you have the Roma Pass then you can gain free entry as the Colosseum is a part of the Roma Pass circuit. With the ROMA pass the first two monument visits are free and the rest discounted so use the pass for the Colosseum first as this has one of the highest entry fees. You can't get free entry to the archeological park of the Colosseum. For more info on the Roma Pass, click here: Rome Colosseum - Best Skip the Line Tip, bathrooms, pricing, and views - Duration: 3:01. FreeTravelandCreditTips 5,078 views

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Visiting the Colosseum can be one of the most interesting things to do in Rome at night. All the above tickets can be booked online on the Colosseum Official Ticketing Website. Entry with passes. You can also use your Roma Pass to get access to the Colosseum. As of March 1st, 2019 you still have to pay EUR 2 and make a reservation for the. The Colosseum is the main symbol of Rome. It is an imposing construction that, with almost 2,000 years of history , will bring you back in time to discover the way of life in the Roman Empire . The construction of the Colosseum began in the year 72 under the empire of Vespasian and was finished in the year 80 during the rule of the emperor Titus By Samantha Collins in Rome- Note: This post was updated with new prices in May 2013. The Roma Pass is a three-day discount card that gives you free or discounted access to some of Rome's top museums, as well as free use of the public transport system. Launched to encourage visitors into the museums, the scheme is proving to be a popular one The price of the Roma Pass for 48 hours is 28 euro. Please note: The visit in the Vatican , the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel is NOT included in the Roma Pass. Moreover, there are no discounts on the pass for children as most museums and sights are free of charge for children under 18 years

Buy Colosseum and Roman Forum Pass Any visit to Rome must include a visit to the ancient heart of the city, including the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill. Now it's possible to reserve entrance to all three sites with just one ticket! The price also includes One Select Italy Gift Certificate valued at $5.00 Colosseum Discount Tickets with Roma Pass. The cheapest way to enter the Colosseum is with a Roma Pass for either 48 or 72 hours. The Roma Pass also gives you free use of the city's public transport system, and discounts on services and activities. Please note Roma Pass holders must now make a reservation to enter the Colosseum. This costs.

Every first Sunday of the month, the Colosseum can be visited free of charge. Tip: The Rome Tourist Card is a combined ticket for all the tickets you need for your city break to Rome (includes Colosseum, Forum Romanum, St Peter's Basilica, hop-on-hop-off bus, Sistine Chapel). This card will save you money and time When buying a ticket for the Colosseum, we can also get into the Roman Forum/Palatine hill within 2 consecutive days. If I look at the Roma Pass; it says that I can have free access to 2 museums in 3 days (as well as other goodies) Does that include both the Colosseum and Forum/Palatine AND another museum during the 3 days An exclusive skip-the-line underground tour of the Colosseum, with an expert English speaking guide. Pass by the dungeons that once held exotic animals and gladiators before fights. Make your way to the Roman Forum, which was once a venue for processions, elections, and public speeches. Visit the Palatine Hill and explore the ancient ruins and. Answer 1 of 6: Quick question - if I am using the Roma Pass for entrance to the Colosseum (no undergound tour) do I still need to make a reservation time online or via the phone? Thanks Wie man mit dem Roma Pass schneller rein kommt: when I say ticket - I am referring to your Roma Pass. You DO NOT need any other ticket to enter. Just use the plastic Roma Passsite card - it's what you will slide into all the turnstiles. If you have the Roma Pass, it IS YOUR TICKET! First, everyone must go through security to enter the.

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The Roma Pass includes access to the Colosseum, Palatine Hill and Forum. However, it does not include guided tours. Book your Roma Pass; Colosseum tours tips. It's best to book your tickets online. This will keep you safe from scams and also let you avoid long queues. Avoid random ticket sellers, they typically sell at a higher rate Colosseum Fast Pass Tickets & Guided Tours Skip the lines and visit one of the world's most popular landmarks, the ancient Roman Colosseum! Built almost 2,000 years ago, this exquisitely constructed stone marvel once housed epic battles featuring gladiators and exotic animals, and now plays host to over four million guests each year 48-Hour Roma Pass: This 2-day pass features free entry into the 1st museum or archaeological site (we recommend making the Colosseum your first stop), unlimited and free access to Rome public transport, reduced rates for all other sights thereafter (during the 48 hours), and discounts to events, exhibitions, and tourist services. Price: €32 Roma Pass Card discounts provide an easy way to save money in a city where it is quite easy to drop a lot of cash. There are a couple of options available to you for where to buy a Roma Pass. There are information tourist points, like the one near the Colosseum on Via dei Fori Imperiali

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